Apple ‘Reinvents’ our 12 year-old ActiveEdge UI

Apple – Active Edge UI Way back in 1998, Jobe and I dreamed up a new type of interface – perfectly suited for mobile devices. We called it Active Edge. The patent was granted in 2002. It resembled the touch interface that is currently the rage, but was confined to the 4 borders of the display. … Continue reading

Screentaker creates iOS app action shots in seconds

If you’re creating an app or promoting one for a friend or client, nothing quite makes the software pop like showing off screenshots on iOS devices. If you’re decently skilled with Photoshop, it isn’t too hard to do, but a new Mac App Store title lets you create pro-level mockups in a matter of seconds. … Continue reading

Top 6 Help Design Patterns for iPhone Apps

Users of most of the iPhone applications often use first-time use help screens to help users learn how an app works.  This help can come in a wide variety of styles: demos, tutorials, single screen overlays, walkthroughs, tips, or short screen summaries. Below is a look at how different apps have leveraged these help patterns … Continue reading

Android UX Patterns

 I just came across this helpful collection of Android UX Pattern wireframes and examples. This is an essential reading for anyone starting Android design / development.